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TweakerRay finished a new ReMix from Nine Inch Nails: Demon Seed.
Right now it's only on [ Myspace ]. So check it out. We soon upload it on [ remix.nin.com ] .
where you can also find all other NIN remixes and also the latest remix of Discipline.
So go to [ remix.nin.com ] and rate the remixes or write some comments. Thanks!


TweakerRay finished remixing all Tracks from the Album 'Year Zero' by Nine Inch Nails.
Check out Tweakerray's latest ReMixes on the official remix page of nine inch nails: [ here ].
The latest ReMix is: The Greater Good (Doomed and finished RMX).

We will update all remixes also here with some additional informations and coverartwork as soon as we can. So Check this place again. TweakerRay will also remix
the latest Single by Nine Inch Nails: [ Discipline ].

Stay tuned for more...


We updated the [ ReMix ] - Section. Right now some more [ Nine Inch Nails ReMixes ] are online
and also you can download the covers to several remixes. Not all is working right now and you might get some missing links. But We will continue updating the page as soon as posible.
Check out Tweakerray's latest ReMixes also on the official remix page of nine inch nails:

[ here ] .


We wish you a happy new year. Thanks to all friends for your support...

Lets have a great year 2008.

Please continue voting and commenting on my remixes: [ here ] .


We wish you all a happy X-mas time and a good start into 2008! Thanks to all people who voted on my remixes on [ remix.nin.com ] . Check out my latest remix there. The Minialbum Demo(n)s is available for free for only during the x-mas time !!!
So check out [ www.musicfreedom.com ]

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