News: Updates on TweakerRay.de


Two new Nine Inch Nails ReMixes are uploaded and can be found in the [ ReMix ] - Section.
The ReMixes are of the songs: [ My Violent Heart ] and [ Me I'm Not ].
Me I'm not also was mixed down in [ surround ] (DTS 5.1).
Drop me a message on [ Myspace ] if you're interested in more surround ReMixes like that.


We have kind permissen to upload a ReMix, that TweakerRay did for [ The Secret Meeting ]:
Shiver X (Piano Perception ReMix by TweakerRay) is now available in the [ ReMix ] - Section. The ReMix is based on a ReMix Contest the band did. Check out to listen to their Album too.


The Second ReMix of Survivalism (Awake ReMix V2.0 by TweakerRay) is now available
in the [ ReMix ] - Section.


TweakerRay finished working on another NINE INCH NAILS REMIX: Survivalism. Infos to the remix will be available in the remix section soon. But right now you can download the cover and mp3.
Download the [ cover ]
Download the ReMix: [ Survivalism - TweakerRay ReMix 8.3 MB ]


We wish you all a happy x-mas time and a happy new year. TweakerRay will continue to work on his solo-stuff. In the meantime you can check out his [ Myspace ]- page. For a cover Version of "Oh my love" (Originally by Sophia).The ReMix by TweakerRay for Kiew will be released hopefully in 2007. so stay tuned...


TweakerRay finished two ReMixes. One ReMix of the industrial band [ Kiew ]. The song is called: 'Mr.29' feat. vocals by Ambassador21. Another ReMix is the rocking version of 'Nuclear Sky' by the band [ Mirror ].
You can listen to the ReMix of Mirror on the [ Myspace ]- page of TweakerRay. We hope to get some comments for that song by you. Also check out the other tunes of TweakerRay there... The Remix of Kiew will be on their new CD. TweakerRay will now concentrate to work on his own solo stuff... stay tuned.

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