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TweakerRays ReMix of Laurent Garnier is NOT one of 'the choosen ones'... Never the less there were 323 Remixes. Now you can download it in the [ Remix ] Section and decide for yourself if you like it or not. TweakerRay is now working on a ReMix for Pzychobitch. In the meantime you can check out [ www.spite.info ] for our little remix contest of 'do you think of me'.

Also you can now Remix: WAR / Extreme V4 from the album FUTURE NOIR of Hanin Elias. You just need to download this zip-archive:

[ The contest has ended... ].
Send your Remix with your project name to:

The best ones will be put here on this page with your name.


TweakerRay finished the work on a new ReMix by Nine Inch Nails : The Hand That Feeds (Breakdown ReMix by TweakerRay) is now available in the [ ReMixes ] Section.


TweakerRay starts reviewing some old unfinished spite material and there he found another treasure. Its called: Denize, and was original for a shortfilm. As before you will again find it in the [ Other ] Section. TweakerRay also finished a [ Laurent Garnier ] Remix for a contest, we'll see how it will be liked by Mr. Garnier, but there were 323 finished mixes as we were told, so it is a chance from 323:1 that they choose this one. Anyway we keep you informed if something happens.

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