The Secret Meeting - Shiver X (TweakerRay ReMix) :

(Creation Date: 05.05. 2007) (Not released) 5:08 min [124 BPM]

Mixed down: 20.05.2007

Used [ Equipment ]:

Drums: HalionOne    Synths: HalionOne, Korg M1, Claw, Lunchbox

Piano: HalionOne

Guitar: Overland

Lyrics: [ The Secret Meeting ]

Vocals: [ The Secret Meeting ]

Backing Vocals: [ TweakerRay ]
Shiver X by The Secret Meeting - Poster


Original by [ The Secret Meeting ]
Additional production and remix by [ TweakerRay ].
The ReMix is based on the samples from the single Tracks from remixcontest,
which the band made. For this ReMix I used some bass-samples, some guitartracks
and the lead vocals. I deceided to do some backgroundvocals. Everything else is
new composed / arranged. I tried to give this song a slightly atmospheric touch with an harpsicord-sound by the Korg M1. The main-melody was new constructed
with a VST Synth (CLAW). Additional Drums were made with Halion.
The Second Drums with the Echos are made with LUNCHBOX
(A cool Freeware Drumsynth).

If you like this Song please check out the original Version by this cool band:
[ The Secret Meeting ]

Original song 'ShiverX' available on the Album [ Ultrashiver ] by [ The Secret Meeting ]
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The Secret Meeting are: kaRIN, Dean Garcia, Statik

Thanks to the band that i can share the ReMix here on my page ! And for the opportunity to work on that track.

Check out their Myspacepage too: [ The Secret Meeting ]

More Remixes of TweakerRay available [ here ].

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