YEAR ZERO by Nine Inch Nails

Suck (TweakerRay's Down To Suck ReMix):

(Creation Date: 03.12.2007) (Not released) 4:20 min [104 BPM]

Mixed down: 06.12.2007

nine inch nails - art is resistance

Used [ Equipment ]: Cubase 4

Drums: Kontakt 2

Synths: Many VST Plugs: Korg MS-20, PlugsoundFree

Piano: ?

Guitar: VST SuperRiffGuitar, Overland performed by TweakerRay

Lyrics: Trent Reznor

Vocals: Trent Reznor (Samples also from Down in It, Suck)



Original by [ Nine inch nails ] / Additional production and remix by [ TweakerRay ].
The Remix is based on the samples from the single Tracks from [ nin.com ].

I used some samples from 'Down in it' and also of the Original 'Suck' Version of the 'Broken EP' in this ReMix.
Everything else is completely new composed and played.
Also a theme of another nine inch nails song is played in a break of this remix ;-D.
This ReMix was a little harder to do because of the original source Tracks had slightly tempovariations.
The Melody of the 'Closer'-theme is played with Plugsoundfree.
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