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Hi there... Well, I hope you will all support me at the Celldweller ReMix contest.
The Song is called "Louder than words"
I did two ReMix Versions which you can listen to [ here ].
I also did a 3rd version with my Band [ SPITE ]. Check out this version too: [ here ].

Voting for the Celldweller "Louder Than Words" Remix Contest will begin on Monday,
December 7th and end at midnight on Sunday December 20th.
The voting results will be revealed officially announced on Monday December 21st!

So please register (for free) at [ www.fixtremix.com ].

You can download all remixes for free !!! (right click to save)

[ Louder than words (TweakerRay ReMix) ]
[ Louder than words (Glitch ReMix by TweakerRay) ]
[ Louder than words (Spite Club ReMix) ]

So I hope you will vote for the first of my ReMixes ;-D Thanks for your support !!!
Spread the word! I also made a 'Blue Stahli' ReMix there (Ultra Numb).
And another Celldweller ReMix of the song 'So Long Sentiment'.


We updated the [ ReMix ] - Section. So check it out.
There are a lot new ReMixes for you to download. Follow us on [ twitter ].
Check out also [ all Profiles ] TweakerRay is using in the internet.


TweakerRay finished a new ReMixe from Nine Inch Nails: Echoplex.
Right now it can be found on [ Myspace ]. It is also on the official ReMix-account of
Nine Inch Nails. Check it out here: [ remix.nin.com ] .
Please rate and vote for the songs. Thanks for all votes and comments so far.
The Dandy Warhols Remix can be found here: [ soundcloud.com ].
Not much news here, because TweakerRay starts to [ twitter ].
On the [ HOME ] - page you also can now see one song TweakerRay likes. They come from Blip.FM and also will be twittered. The newest will be seen.
So check out that you have [ all Profiles ] TweakerRay is using.


TweakerRay finished two ReMixes from Nine Inch Nails: Burn & The Perfect Drug.
Burn and The Perfect Drug are also on the official ReMix account of Nine Inch Nails. [ remix.nin.com ] .

TweakerRay is now working on a new ReMixcontest from the [ Dandy Warhols ]. The Song is called 'Mis Amigos'. We keep you updated when its done. For now we wish all visitors of TweakerRay.de a good start into 2009. Stay Tuned...

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